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Free Radicals Magazine is a quarterly publication focusing on gaming, speculation, and worldbuilding. We welcome nonfiction and fiction pieces of writing that explore "What If?" questions. We also welcome tabletop (and other types of) gaming content, including reviews, critiques, design explorations, and even homebrew material. Lastly, we welcome content pertaining to the act of worldbuilding, for gaming, fiction, map projects, etc. 

It is our hope that we can build this into a magazine that offers professional-rate payments to writers, artists, and designers. However, until that happens, we will be providing one (1) print copy to each contributor, with the hope of building this into something better and something that does more than providing contributors and exposure. We know (we know) exposure does not pay the bills. 

Free Radicals Magazine publishes under two (2) ISSNs assigned by the U.S. ISSN Center at the Library of Congress:

Submission System (Powered by Google Forms & E-mail)

Free Radicals Magazine uses Google Forms (see above) to accept individual submissions from potential contributors interested in submitting work to Free Radicals. For those who wish to submit their artwork/writing/game content via e-mail, you can do so by sending all submissions to Free Radicals' Editor-in-Chief at If you experience any problems, in sending your submission (either via Google Forms or e-mail), please feel free to reach out to our Editor-in-Chief, G. Michael Rapp, at

Submission Guidelines

Free Radicals Magzine is looking for speculative fiction (with literary twists). We are also looking for speculative nonfiction. At the heart of speculative writing is often an engaging “What if?” question. The numerous speculative fiction sub-genres that meet this need include, but aren’t limited to horror, science fantasy, fantasy, science-fiction, hard science-fiction, social science-fiction, space opera, grimdark fantasy, urban fantasy, cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk, solar/hope punk, etc. For speculative nonfiction, it can be extrapolating current trends to understand the murky future. It could also be counterfactual speculation as to what might have happened if (say) Napoleon died in battle, and exploring the consequences of such an event within the context of historical research, etc. Free Radicals Magazine is also seeking reviews, game design guidance, advice concerning worldbuilding, and so on. If you want to know if your work might fit Free Radicals' editorial vision, please reach out to us via

Free Radicals Magazine is open to submissions from all artists and authors. Submissions are published on the basis of talent, content, and editorial needs for Free Radicals Magazine.

Guidelines. We are always looking for speculative writings (short-form) that are between 500 and 20,000 words in length. We are also looking for speculative fiction-themed artwork/photography for each issue. Additionally, we also welcome game reviews, game design explorations, worldbuilding advice, and so on. If you are struggling to determine if your work fits Free Radicals Magazine, please reach out to our editor:

Submission Checklist. The following list is meant to help ensure your submission is taken seriously and properly understood by our editorial staff.

Submission Terms

Remember: Free Radicals Magazine serves as a creative outlet for speculative fiction and nonfiction artists/writers, along with game designers and worldbuilders. Consequently, the views expressed in Free Radicals Magazine do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints and/or opinions of Free Radicals Magazine staff as a whole.


The Scope of These Submission Terms. All rights not expressly granted by the Artist/Author/Designer reside exclusively with the Artist/Author/Designer. Any rights that may be developed in the future shall reside with the Author/Artist. Further, the Artist/Author does not transfer any rights in the Work(s) (i.e., their submission) to the Publisher (i.e., Free Radicals Magazine) except what is specifically set forth in these submission terms. These terms do not transfer the copyright of the Submission(s)/Work(s) in question.

Rights. All artists/authors, along with Free Radicals Magazine, have guaranteed rights outlined in this section of the Submission Terms. Upon accepting Free Radicals’ offer to publish submitted work, Free Radicals Magazine acquires: 1) worldwide rights to publish an artist’s/author’s accepted contribution (i.e., artwork, essay, flash fiction, short story, adventure, review, one-shot game,  etc.) in an upcoming print, eBook/PDF, and/or Web edition of Free Radicals Magazine and any Free Radicals-affiliated media; 2) exclusive worldwide rights, for print, eBook/PDF, and/or Web editions, for a period of 180 business days from the date of Free Radicals’ first publication of the submission(s) in question; 3) non-exclusive perpetual rights to republish, store, syndicate, and/or distribute the submission(s) or portions of the submission(s) in English; AND 4) the right to use the contributor’s name and likeness in a fair and dignified manner and to publish information about the contributor in connection with the advertising and promotion of Free Radicals Magazine and of the submission(s) in question. 5) When exclusive rights expire after 180 business days, the artist/author is free to seek publication elsewhere, but Free Radicals Magazine requests that is be credited in all subsequent publications of the submission(s) in question. 6) All rights granted by this agreement are granted in perpetuity and applicable in all media, including, but not limited to, all electronic media, Internet, wireless or mobile platforms, whether now known or hereafter created. 7) If an artist/author/designer wishes to withdraw their submission from Free Radicals Magazine they can do so within sixty (60) business days prior to the publication of the applicable issue of Free Radicals Magazine. Requests to withdraw content can be directed to the Editor-in-Chief, G. Michael Rapp, at 8) Artists/Authors retain the copyrights of their respective submissions to Free Radicals. 9) For the avoidance of doubt, the rights granted to the Publisher under this paragraph are rights only to the publication or dissemination of an electronic replica of the Work as it is incorporated in the Magazine in its Web-based and/or eBook/PDF form, and not to any other publication, dissemination or use of the submissions(s). 10) The Artist/Author agrees not to publish or permit others to publish the submission(s) in the English language in the United States prior to its initial publication in Free Radicals and throughout the exclusivity period granted to the Publisher thereafter without the prior written permission of the Publisher. If the Work is selected for a “best of the year” or an awards anthology, the Publisher agrees to waive this clause, provided the Artist/Author gives the Publisher prior written notice of the selection by such an anthology. 11) The Artist/Author warrants that, as of the date of executing this agreement, they are the sole creator/author of the submission(s); that they are the owner of all the rights granted to the Publisher (i.e., Free Radicals Magazine) hereunder and have full power to enter into this agreement and to make the grants herein contained; that the submission(s) is/are original and any prior publication of the submission(s) in whole or in part has been fully disclosed to the Publisher and that to the best of the Artist’s/Author’s knowledge the Work does not infringe upon any copyright or upon any other proprietary or personal right of any person, firm or corporation. 12) Free Radicals Magazine will make no alterations to the submission(s) without the Artist’s/Author’s written approval in e-mail or hardcopy. Artist/Author will be provided with the Free Radicals’ proposed version of the work prior to publication and given sufficient time to review text. Free Radicals reserves the right to make minor copyediting changes to conform the style of the text to its customary form and usage.

Audio Rights. Where applicable, the contributor grants to the Publisher worldwide non-exclusive audio rights to the Work, solely for use in Free Radicals’ audio/podcasting program, provided that those rights are exercised within six months of publication of the Work in Free Radicals Magazine. The grant of rights to the Publisher in the previous sentence is subject, however, to the following limitation: after one (1) year from the date of initial publication, the contributor may terminate the grant of non-exclusive audio rights and ask the Publisher to remove the Work from the magazine’s audio archives found on (and/or other electronic archives associated with Free Radicals Magazine), and the Publisher agrees that it will comply within 30 days of such request.

Contributor Copies. All contributors are to be given one (1) contributor copy before, on, or after the applicable publication date. Contributor copies serve as compensation for work submitted to Free Radicals Magazine. Additional contributor copies can be requested via e-mail request. These copies are free for the contributor, i.e., the Author, so long as the Author does not request an excessive number of copies. Subsequent contributor copies must be postmarked within ninety (90) business days of the e-mail request submitted by the contributor.

Magazine Closure. If Free Radicals Magazine ceases operations, the Publisher must inform the Author via e-mail or via a publicly displayed Website and/or social media posting. These announcements must come within ten (10) business days of the magazine ceasing all operations.

All questions pertaining to publishing rights should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at

Payment. Free Radicals does not pay contributors for submissions of any kind, at this time. This is likely to change in the future. All contributors receive two (2) free copies of Free Radicals. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Free Radicals’ Editor-in-Chief at

Simultaneous Submissions. Free Radicals gladly accepts simultaneous submissions in the fiction and photograph/art categories. We simply ask that you inform the Editor-in-Chief, G. Michael Rapp ( in a timely manner if any of your pieces have been accepted elsewhere, so that they may be removed from consideration.

Artist’s/Author’s Biography. When entering a submission, please include a fifty-word biography to be printed alongside your piece in the event that it is accepted for publication.

Submission Periods. We accept submissions at any time. However, please keep in mind the deadlines posted below. 

Deadlines. We read submissions all year round. For print consideration, we have the (rough) deadlines posted below in the following format PUBLICATION MONTH — ISSUE — DEADLINE DATE:

Response Times. If you have not received a personal response from our staff within ninety (90) business days, please send a query e-mail to Free Radicals' Editor-in-Chief, G. Michael Rapp, at

Publication Cycle. Free Radicals Magazine is published (in print and eBook/PDF form) four times per year. We do not publish on our official Website. All content is published in the PDF/eBook and print versions of the magazine. 

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