Free Radicals Magazine

A Quarterly Zine for Gaming, Speculation, & Worldbuilding

Free Radicals Magazine (ISSNs: [Print:] 2767-5750 or [Online/PDF:] 2767-5769) was originally published three (3) times during its initial circulation in 2021–2022. However, due to inflation and uncertainty, the magazine was officially put on hiatus. Friends and supporters of Free Radicals Magazine and its editor, G. Michael Rapp, have helped encourage a return of the magazine, with a special focus on gaming, speculation (think: Speculative fiction or nonfiction), and worldbuilding.

Below, readers and supporters will find the first four (4) covers for Free Radicals Magazine. Issues 001, 002, and 003 have been published (c. 2020–2021), with Issue 004 currently in the works. 

Copyright © 2020–2023 by G. Michael Rapp (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief). Content (visual, written, or otherwise) featured in this magazine and/or on its website is copyrighted by their respective artists/authors/designers.  | ISSNs: 2767-5769 (Online/PDF) and 2767-5750 (Print).